JVM Multi Dingus

The web dingus is currently broken. I will fix it ASAP.

Here you can try out Actuarius and other Markdown implementations that run on the JVM. Just enter Markdown source below and click anywhere outside the textfield to get a preview. You can choose the engine to use from the dropdown box below. All Markdown implementations known to me that run on the JVM are included.

Please note that PegDown and Knockoff are only included in this preview for easier comparison. I am not the author of either of the two nor do I know the authors personally. I just included those projects in this web preview to enable people to try out all markdown implementations on the JVM. You can find the Knockoff Homepage at http://tristanhunt.com/projects/knockoff/, for details on PegDown go to http://github.com/sirthias/pegdown.
Also note that the processing time given should be taken with a grain of salt. Depending on the server load and when the garbage collection decides to run, it may vary strongly.

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Markdown is Copyright © 2004 John Gruber
PegDown is Copyright © 2010 Mathias Doenitz
Knockoff is Copyright © 2009 Tristan Juricek
Actuarius is Copyright © 2010 Christoph Henkelmann