Hello World!

Nov 2, 2010 14:49 · 149 words · 1 minute read Meta

Update (7th August 2017): This and other articles are kept for reference, however these days cold pragmatism has replaced the hacker mentality: The overhead of maintaining a custom blog engine - especially given the many breaking changes in Scala over the years - has led me to migrate the blog to a static Blog made with HUGO.

This is a test of my new self-written little Blog Engine. In this Blog I plan to post about programming (with an emphasis on Scala), present some of my projects and write about other IT related or nerdy stuff.

The Blog Engine is written in Scala using the Lift Web Framework. Right now it still lacks a number of important features like comments or the possibility to include files in an article for download. My aim is to use the work on these features as a basis for some of my articles.