JUnit XML Listener Now With Support For Skipped Tests

Feb 2, 2011 16:46 · 117 words · 1 minute read Testing sbt Junit XML Listener Hudson/Jenkins Scala

I got a mail today from Johannes Rudolph that he has forked my JUnit XML Listener for sbt. The junit_xml_listener is a simple sbt plugin that outputs test results from an sbt run in an XML format that Hudson/Jenkins understands, so the test results get displayed in the build overview. Thanks to Johannes, skipped tests are no longer silently discarded from the output but properly included and marked as ‘skipped’.

I merged back his changes and updated the version of the junit_xml_listener to 0.2. The updated version is available from my git repo:

git clone http://git.henkelmann.eu/junit_xml_listener.git

Alternatively, Johannes’ fork can be found on github.

Thanks a lot Johannes! (The first fork of one of my projects :)