Actuarius Version 0.2.3 now on github

Feb 7, 2012 19:19 · 269 words · 2 minutes read

Update (7th August 2017): This and other articles are kept for reference. Please note that Actuarius is no longer maintained by me but is now a part of the Lift Web Framework. The maven repo, web dingus and local repo are down and no longer maintained.

I have just released a new Version of Actuarius, 0.2.3. It has (finally) support for Scala 2.9.1, and contains a bugfix. Otherwise there are no changes, everything should work as before.

The biggest change is that I have moved the Actuarius git repo and the project pages to github. I moved all documentation to the wiki of the github project and added a proper README to the project. So all in all, it should be a lot easier to find your way around Actuarius now.

The old project page is still there, as is the web dingus for testing the various JVM markdown implementations. (The web dingus will get fixed any day now, promised.) Most of the content however has been moved to github.

Hosting my own custom git repo was kinda fun, but using github just makes the project much more accessible to others. The maven repo however will remain on, so there is no need to change your project settings if you happen to use Actuarius. As an added bonus, the repo is now browsable. So it is much easier to download jar files (as well as source and javadoc) now.

I will now begin to migrate all my stuff to github (including, hopefully, some new goodies), so there should be more frequent blog updates in the weeks to come.