Actuarius now available for Scala 2.10

Mar 3, 2013 16:47 · 196 words · 1 minute read Scala Actuarius

Update (7th August 2017): This and other articles are kept for reference. Please note that Actuarius is no longer maintained by me but is now a part of the Lift Web Framework

I just made a new build of Actuarius for Scala 2.10 and released it on central. (It might take a few hours until everything is synched, though) I bumped the version to 0.2.5, there are no code changes however. Consider it a maintenance release. I also still released an artifact for Scala 2.9.2, so you should be able to use Actuarius with Scala 2.9.x and 2.10.x. I dropped the 2.8.x cross compilations, I don’t want to pollute Maven Central with twelvety versions of the artifacts for every Scala version out there.

For more details on how to include Actuarius in your own projects, see:

Instead of pretending I will ever try and fix my own Actuarius-Dingus, I will try an add Actuarius to the Markdown Multidingus:

Also, I should hopefully find a bit more time to take care of Actuarius in the future and finally add more generic output options to for example create XML nodes instead of a plain String representation.